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On your arrival at the Maasai Giraffe, our manager Joël will be delighted to welcome you and offer you a refreshment.


After some explanations about the activities offered in the area, he will take you to your accommodation. If you are camping, our staff will be happy to help you set up your tents and equipment.





Our rooms have a private bathroom with shower and hot water, a solar fan, a private terrace and a breathtaking view on the Ol Donyoi Lengai volcano. 




A large expanse of grass is made available to campers. Our camp is completely fenced in, so you can camp safely in the middle of nature.


Camping equipment can be rented on site (tents, mattresses and sleeping bags).


Maasai security guards protect the camp day and night.



Our swimming pool is accessible 24 hours a day to refresh you. As we do not use chemicals, we change the water every three days. The used water is used to water the camp vegetation.



The camp has bathrooms with showers, sinks and hot water, as well as western-style toilets. Our water comes directly from the Engaresero River, which does not affect the local reserves. Toilet paper is also provided.



The restaurant 


The lodge has a large restaurant open on the outside, overlooking Lake Natron and the Ol Donyio Lengai volcano. It features American cuisine. It has been built respecting the Maasai architecture with local materials.

About our kitchen

We have two self-taught top chefs, Jane and Magret. Cooking is a passion for them. 


They will introduce you to Tanzanian specialities such as rice "pilau", a piece of beef or goat meat cooked with rice and spices such as cardamon, cloves and ginger. The most popular dish is "ugali", a kind of polenta made from corn flour, which you can taste on the spot. They are influenced in their recipes by the spices of Indian cuisine, due to the large number of Indians in the country. They prepare many European dishes but always with their local touch.

The meat of goat, beef and sheep is particularly tasty because the animals still live in freedom. They will introduce you to "chapatis", thick salted crepes, which is the equivalent of bread for us. Indeed, bread has only recently been introduced in Tanzania.


Mandazis are small tarragon fritters which are very common in the whole country. The fruits are always ripe and delicious, pineapple, watermelon, mango, guava, passion fruit. The vegetables are picked directly from our garden.

The food at the lodge is very appreciated, as the many positive comments from our visitors attest.


We offer breakfast at $10, lunch at $15 and dinner at $15.



The kitchen area


A large hut is available for self-cookers ( We recommend that you bring your own kitchen equipment (gaz) and food, as the village offers very little choice of vegetables and only goat meat.



There is an AIRTEL telephone network accessible in the region. 


Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant free of charge via satellite, but the connection is poor.


Please also note that you can charge your electronic devices but only in the restaurant where a large number of sockets are available.



All electricity in the camp is provided by solar energy. We also have a water filter at your disposal in the restaurant to fill your bottles, to avoid too much plastic waste.



The climate is hot and very dry most of the year and the annual rainy season is very short. However, during the year, very strong winds can occur due to the geographical location of the camp (indeed, the plain where we are located is surrounded by the Rift Mountains).



Independently of the camp, there are 3 taxes to pay. 

Wildlife Management fee : $35.4 pp/night if you stay in camping and $29.5 pp/night if you stay in a room.

This fee is paid to Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) offices in Arusha. In case of having limited time in Arusha or arriving from Serengeti, we can pay this fee online at our lodge and you pay the amount in cash. 


Gates/Entry fee : $35 pp/entry.

This fee is charged by Local district councils and is paid cash on your way to Lake Natron if you are arriving from Arusha/ Manyara/Longido or on your way out if you arrived from Serengeti. You can paid in USD or TZS and you will be issued with an EFD receipt.


Activity fee : $20 pp for a guided visit to Lake Natron shores and a hike day in Engaresero waterfalls.

This fee is paid cash to a community office here in Lake Natron.



We accept €, $ and local currency (TSH).


Please note that if you pay the local population in € or $, they probably won't be able to give you any change.


There are no banks and therefore no ATM.


Karibu Sana

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