Lepara Naandawa, a native Maasai from Ngorongoro and Ingrid Torrekens from Belgium are the founders of Maasai Giraffe Eco Lodge that begun its operations since early 2015
Our Lodge is open thoughout the year and 80% of our staffs are native Maasai from Lake Natron area always happy to explain you about their culture, habits and customs
The climate is hot and very dry all most the whole year, a climate that preserves flying insects (like mosquitos and others).
The camp will delight nature lovers.
Upon your arrival at Maasai Giraffe, our staff will assist setting up your tent if you are coming for camping and in many other ways to offer you warmly welcome.

You will have the time to cool off and discover Lodge’s premises and facilities.


Arrival Procedures:

When you arrive to the Maasai Giraffe Eco Lodge, we will have one of our staff take care of setting up your tents and camping equipment, or if you have made a full reservation, your tents will be set up by the time you arrive. This will allow you to freshen up, enjoy a look around the Eco-Lodge, and relax a little after a long drive! 


We currently have ten rooms with private bathrooms, private veranda that offers a good view of the camp and the majestic Oldonyo Lengai.
Our camp is ecologic and therefore fully protected by a fence, you will camp safely while enjoying being in the nature.
A Maasai guard is also present at night to ensure the safety of our customers.

The swimming pool:
We have a nice pool where you can cool off during hot days in nights. The same is natural and so do not use chemical to treat its water. To maintain the cleanness of our swimming pool, we change water every after three days, using the dirty water for irrigation.

The restaurant  Area:

The camp has a large restaurant for full board clients and a separate one for self-cooking campers. The two restaurant are open to offer clients a clear view of the surroundings and fresh air.
The restaurant is mostly built and decorated with local materials like woods, thatched roof and Maasai crafts.
All the electricity from the camp is provided by solar energy, no charging of your mobile phones and camera in the rooms but only at the restaurant where we have enough number of sockets allow you to charge your devices.
We also have a (drinking) water filter, to avoid too much plastic bottle waste.
For "self-cookers" we recommend you bring food, because the village offers very little choices of vegetable and fruits and only goat meat.
We can prepare your meals, full board for $40 per person per day.
From our restaurant, you will can have a leisure at breakfast to see our neighbouring giraffes and observe hundreds thousands of stars at night.



The camp has Western-style bathrooms with washing basins, toilets and showers with hot water. Our water comes directly from the Engaresero River, which does not affect the local water supply. Toilet

papers are also provided.


There has recently been a telephone network company, AIRTEL. WIFI is also available but weak.


Additional Information :
We accept cash in USD and TSH, but be aware that if you pay at the camp premises in USD, they will probably not be able to make a change. There are no credit machine and so can only pay in cash. We recommend that you take both currencies with you. Many activities will allow you to enjoy the unique landscape of the surroundings, to learn more, click on our Activities page.



Karibu sana






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The Origin

The idea of ​​creating the Maasai Giraffe Eco Lodge was born from the meeting of Ingrid with Lepara, guide during a trip in the North of Tanzania. Lepara suggested that Ingrid's group discover the area where he grew up and meet his family. Ingrid was amazed by the beauty of nature in the region, while being fascinated by the way of life of the Maasais, still living in isolation and in harmony with their environment.

Although originally from Ngorongoro (Naiyobi), Lepara's family emigrated to Engaresero.

While remaining respectful of his membership and traditions Maasai, Lepara quickly emancipated to become master of his destiny. He sold the cows he inherited from his father to go to town in Arusha, finance studies to learn Swahili and then English.

Thanks to the mastery of Maasai jewelry making techniques, he was able to open a small souvenir shop on the beach of Zanzibar.
Ingrid met him at that moment.

Lepara was nostalgic for his culture and his homelands were lacking, so the idea of ​​creating an eco lodge in Natron excited him, he could leave Zanzibar and come back to live near his home. This lodge was born thanks to the motivation and dedication of Lepara and the love of Ingrid for this region and the Maasai people.

After a few years, our manager Living (from the Tchaga tribe, from Moshi near Kilimanjaro) accompanies us, we thank him for his involvement and dedication.



The Camp

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