Lake Natron, Tanzania, Flamingo
Lake Natron, Tanzania, Maasai
Lake Natron, Tanzania, Maasai

Located in Engaresero, a small Maasai village in Northen Tanzania, the Maasai Giraffe Campsite and Lodge is one of East Africa’s newest and most unique places to stay. Strategically situated between Lake Natron, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti, this campsite not only puts you in a perfect location to enjoy an array of recreational activities, but also ensures that you will feel close to nature and to the animals that the area has to offer. Only a few kilometers away from Lake Natron, guests are able to enjoy the presence of giraffes and zebras each morning as they pass by outside of the Lodge as they head to the lake for water - hence the name Maasai Giraffe. The Maasai in this area continue to practice their age old pastoral ways, keeping livestock and moving their cattle in harmony with the change of seasons. The time-tested ways of the Maasai are environmentally sustainable and beneficial to protect wildlife. Organization of the United Nations has therefore designated Engaresero as a globally important Agricultural Heritage Systems site (GIAHS). 









Native Maasai from  Lake Natron region, in Northern Tanzania, welcome you to their land to share their daily lives for a few days.

You can follow them in their transhumance to the highlands of the rift valley or find them at the local market of Engaresero village every week on Thursdays, and escort them with their donkeys to their remote territories East part of Lake Natron.


Keep yourself in a Maasai family in the heart of the savannah

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